Business, Heritage and Tourism

Discovery Ramsey

The Promoting Ramsey Project has established branding and the Discover Ramsey website and the Promotions Officer developed a programme of activities to bring people into the parish.  We have helped organise twice yearly Heritage Open Days and a regular forum which promotes our heritage.  We were successful in securing further funding from the lottery’s Heritage Fund to continue to develop our holistic heritage offer called ‘Ramsey: A Journey Through Time’. This has now ended but the legacy continues through the ‘Ramsey Heritage Partnership’, a CIO which has been established to raise funds and coordinate events.

The Things We Do or Fund to Make a Difference (Activities)

  • Build on the initial branding, website and marketing within the Promoting Ramsey Project
  • Develop and or support Ramsey’s tourist attractions
  • Build links with other tourist attractions (such as Great Fen) and strategic bodies to tie Ramsey in with the sub-region
  • Develop and or support events/projects that protect/promote our cultural heritage (especially for young people)
  • Town centre events/activities – to bring people into the town to support local businesses
  • Work with the Town Council and other organisations to find ways of sustaining ‘Promoting Ramsey’ and the ‘Discover Ramsey’ brand.

The Differences
We Want to Make

  • Local businesses have a stronger customer base
  • Ramsey has a stronger and more distinctive tourism offer
  • Young people are more aware of and interested in our local history and culture/crafts
  • Our local traditions and heritage are better safeguarded/celebrated
  • Our town centre is more attractive
  • Our town centre is both better cared for and better used
  • There is more pride in our area
  • Better linkages with tourism / tourist destinations across the Fens

Long-term Change
(End Goals)

We have a thriving economic and cultural life that benefits local people, visitors and future generations