Ramsey Timebank

Ramsey Timebank

The currency of the timebank is time and everybody’s hour has the same value. There is no limit to the number of hours (or time credits) a person can accrue. The timebank is about people doing things together. The more people join, the more services or ‘exchanges’ Ramsey Timebank can offer.  You can join as an individual or as an organisation.

RNT is part of Cambridgeshire’s established and growing network of successful timebanks. RNT is a member of the county Timebanking group and ‘TimebankingUK’. Ramsey Timebank also runs group sessions including the ‘All-a’Board’ games afternoon and ‘Ramsey Crafters’.

How do I get started?

If you are interested in joining the time bank just give us a call on
01487 814897 or 07562 379472 or email alison@ramseyneighbourhoodstrust.org
The coordinator, Alison Seery, will then arrange a time and place to meet up.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is timebanking?

Time banking is a way of spending one hour of time helping someone out and earning one time credit in return. This can be spent on receiving an hour of someone else’s time or you could learn something new or share a skill you  have like cooking, speaking a language or playing a musical instrument.

Is there a charge?

No money is exchanged. If your request does incur a cost, such as baking a cake, you would be required to cover the cost of the ingredients.

Do I have to earn credit before I can get help?

No, you can ask for help straight away. As long as you intend to earn some credits in the future we are happy for you to have spent more hours than you have earned. Once you have signed up we will encourage you to either give or receive an hour as soon as possible. To help this we will give an hour to every member on joining.

Can organisations get involved?

Yes! Organisations can give and receive in the same way that individuals can. They can swap under-used resources, professional skills, spare tickets or training places, meeting room space and lots more! Ask us for a leaflet for more ideas.

What happens if I can’t or don’t want to spend my credits?

You can donate credits back to the timebank ‘pot’. These credits can be made available to individuals and organisations. You can also donate credits to another member that you nominate, or you can simply save them.