Winners! Groundwork Community Awards                                                                         

Ramsey Neighbourhoods Trust is delighted to announce that we have won this national award for Best Community Group Contribution to Education or Employment. Carol Aston (Chair) and Alison Seery (Project Manager) collected the award on behalf of the charity at a ceremony in London at the beginning of November.

Aliosn AwardsAlsion & Carol AwardsCarol Awards

Read more about what we do  on our Job Search and Phoenix Courses pages.

About Ramsey Neighbourhoods Trust                                                                                     

Ramsey Neighbourhoods Trust is a group of  volunteers committed to supporting people of Ramsey Parish  to create a strong, active and inclusive community. RNT is resolute in its aim to make Ramsey a better place for  everyone. Working together with the community we firmly believe that the possibilities for our town are endless and RNT is determined to inspire and support the people of Ramsey to make our town into the place we know it can be.

Ramsey Neighbourhoods Trust is a Registered Charity and Company Limited by Guarantee. The Trust run a number of community initiatives including the publication of Ramsey Neighbourhood News, Ramsey Job Search and several projects funded by Ramsey Million Big Local such as BOSH (Bring On Summer Holiday Playscheme), Kickstart Moped Hire Scheme (in association with Kickstart Norfolk), and administrative and community development support.

Our Vision – RNT wants to provide sustainable development in Ramsey Parish by being a resource for the community to enable local people to improve the place in which they live and work,

Our Mission – Ramsey Neighbourhoods Trust will work to improve, protect and enhance our core value that Ramsey Parish is a place where people are happy to live, work and socialise, where visitors are encouraged and the community continues to thrive into the 21st  Century.

2016-17 Accounts

2017 Accounts



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