Families and Young Children

The BOSH summer playscheme continues to run successfully providing affordable activities. A weekly term time youth group is now well established and full to capacity.  Monthly soft play sessions provide much needed activities for families with children aged under 5yrs.

Contact: val@ramseyneighbourhoodstrust.org

The Things We Do or Fund to Make a Difference (Activities)

  • Continue the BOSH summer play scheme and youth club to provide low cost activities throughout the year
  • Maximise the potential of our open spaces to provide safe spaces for young children to play
  • Support our existing provision of activities for young children i.e. Toddler Time
  • Develop more support for parents of young children

The Differences
We Want to Make

  • Local facilities for families with children are improved which means people do not have to travel
  • Parents with small children have more opportunities to socialise, play and learn
  • Parents with small children are better supported (by their peers and/or local services)
  • Parents of young children have increased resilience (confidence and ability to cope with challenges)
  • More young children participate in physical and group activities which benefits their health and wellbeing

Long-term Change
(End Goals)

Families are better able to give their children a good start in life