Volunteers are integral to the work of Ramsey Neighbourhoods Trust.  Our volunteers have a wide variety of skill sets, levels of commitment and availability. They come from all sectors of the community including highly skilled professionals, the retired, unemployed, disabled and teenagers

Many volunteers offer their time to RNT specifically because they identify with its aim to improve the place in which they live and work. It not only offers a chance to give back something to the  community but it also provides a unique opportunity for personal development locally.

There are so many openings within RNT for volunteers that most people can be accommodated. Opportunities include delivering newsletters, Job Search, community events or even becoming a trustee. Our volunteers are made welcome in the office at any time and it is central to the ethos of RNT that our volunteers are valued.

  • Paul – “When I was out of work after a heart-attack I was feeling very low. Volunteering in the community gave me a reason to get out of bed and gradually my self-esteem improved.”
  • Jodie  “I’ve really enjoyed helping with the newsletter production. It’s been great meeting new people from the town and my self-confidence has increased. I am a lone parent and my young son loves to help too.”
  • Leo – “I started to volunteer when Neighbourhood Management worked out of the old Information Centre. Since then I have dipped in and out of many different community based projects. I firmly believe that you get out what you put in. The Neighbourhoods Trust encourages and guides people to make a positive difference.”

To find out about volunteer opportunities please contact the Neighbourhood Office or contact Alison Seery on 01487 814897 or email rntprojectmanager@gmail.com


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