Supporting Ramsey Million Big Local

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As part of the Big Local programme Ramsey Neighbourhoods Trust has provided community development and administrative support to the Ramsey Million Partnership as a Locally trusted Organisation since 2012. The programme management package is reviewed annually by the Ramsey Million Partnership which decides the format the support will take. Currently the support includes the employment of a Community Development Worker/Programme Manager, Communications and Publicity Officer and an Administrative Assistant, office space, some organisation of community events, financial administration and insurance.

Ramsey Neighbourhoods Trust is also delighted to have been chosen by Ramsey Million Partnership as Locally Trusted Organisation for the other following Ramsey Million Big Local projects.

  • Grants
  • BOSH (Bring On Summer Holidays) Playscheme & Youthy
  • CRUNCH Youth Activities
  • Toddler Time
  • Inside Space Development
  • Outside Space Development including Skatepark
  • Credit Union – Rainbow Savers
  • Transport and Access

For more details about Ramsey Million Big Local and to see the COmmunity Plan for July 2013-June 2019 visit


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