Ramsey Neighbourhood News

CBS1403 CMag Awards 2014 Best PhotoWelcome to the page of our award winning magazine. We hope you enjoy reading  Ramsey Neighbourhood News and accompanying ‘Dates for Your Diary’.Our current and past issues are available to download, or read online, below. Also at the foot of this page you can find out how to advertise with us and deadline dates for articles.

Ramsey Neighbourhoods Trust produces the ‘Ramsey Neighbourhood News’ quarterly. The newsletter is delivered free to around 6,000 homes and businesses in Ramsey Parish, Bury, Wistow,  Ravely & Upwood. This community magazine is produced with the support of many volunteers who help to write, batch and deliver. The purpose of the magazine is three-fold.
  • It provides a voice for the local clubs/societies and organisations.
  • Secondly it is a community project which brings a diversity of people together to produce a valuable asset to our community.
  • Thirdly it provides an income which contributes towards production costs – any surplus of which is ploughed back into  community projects.

If you would like to help with any stage of the  production, advertise (See details of prices etc. below) or have a story or article you wish to submit please contact the Neighbourhood Office or email


To read current and past issues click on the links below:

Issue 43

COver issue 43

Issue 42

Issue 42 cover

Issue 41

Cover Issue 41

Issue 40

Issue 40 cover

Issue 39

Issue 39 cover




ISSUE 36 Autumn 2016


Cover 36



ISSUE 35 Cover


Cover issue 34

Copy & Advertising Deadlines

Issue 44 

(Covering September, October, November)
  • Public deadline – 2nd August 2018
  • Distribution from – 29th August 2018

Issue 45 

(Covering November, December, January, February)
  • Public deadline – 12th October 2018
  • Distribution from – 6th November 2018

Ramsey Neighbourhood News – Advertising Rates

There are two rates for adverts – commercial and community. Adverts must include a completed advert request form which is available from rnnadverts@hotmail.co.uk, 01487 814897 or Ramsey Neighbourhood News, Neighbourhood Office, 25 Great Whyte, Ramsey, PE26 1HG.

  • Commercial – a company or business that is run for profit
  • Community Group, Club or Society – a group of local people who have formed a club or society with limited membership who pay a membership fee, are a registered charity or have to raise their own funds to operate.

The advertising rates are as follows.  There will be a reduction in cost for adverts that are included in 4 subsequent issues.  If an advertiser purchases advertising for 4 issues the same advert will be inserted each time unless we are prompted that updated material is required and it is sent to Ramsey Neighbourhood News by the issue deadline.  All submitted adverts must be in a high resolution JPEG format. Please see below for advert sizes and order form.

Click here for advert sizes     a5-ad-sizes

Click here for order form  rnn-order-form-to-be-completed-2016-17 (1)

Commercial Rate Community Rate
4 issues Greyscale
4 issues Colour*
4 issues Greyscale
4 issues Colour*
Glossy Whole page A5 N/A £130 N/A £480 N/A N/A N/A N/A
Whole  page  A5 £65 £100 £230 £380 £40 £75 £140 £250
Half  page £35 £55 £140 £200 £25 £40 £80 £140
Quarter  page £20 £30 £70 £110 £15 £25 £50 £80
* Colour adverts will be accepted if there is sufficient interest – please check at time of sending in advert request form
Insert/Flyer** £200 per issue – flyer provided by advertiser, inserted and delivered

£350 per issue – printing, inserted and delivered

On request

Payment can be made by cheque, made payable to Ramsey Neighbourhoods Trust, and posted to: Ramsey Neighbourhoods Trust, Neighbourhood Office, 25 Great Whyte, Ramsey, PE26 1HG or via Bank Transfer to: Ramsey Neighbourhoods Trust (details on request).


The Editorial Team reserves the right to refuse to publish any article, advert or promotional material if they deem it to be unsuitable for general publication.  The final decision remains with the Editor.  Advertising rates may be subject to change.

We also offer a join advertising rate with The Ramsey and Warboys Reporter Newspaper which is produced monthly. Prices on request.





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