Ramsey Community Market

MARKET LOGO IDEARamsey Neighbourhoods Trust (RNT) are very proud and thrilled to announce that we have received the Ramsey Market Charter from Ramsey Town Council. RNT is delighted to be adding the market charter to our ever growing list of projects.

RNT would ultimately love to expand the current Saturday market and run speciality events but we can’t do this on our own, and it won’t happen overnight …. We have lots of ideas but it’s very early days. RNT realises that markets have changed over–time to reflect modern shopping habits so our market may need to develop away from that of the traditional market format.

Everything RNT does aims to make Ramsey a better place for all who live, work, volunteer or visit here so – in true community development style – we want to hear views of Ramsey residents on what you would like to see happen to your market. We have set up a new email for you to email us all your thoughts – market.rntoffice@gmail.com or you can contact us at the Neighbourhood Office.

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