Ramsey Million Big Local

In 2010 the Big Local lottery fund announced that over a period of 10 years Ramsey Parish would be given in excess of £1 million to make a difference to the lives of people living here.

The Big Local project in Ramsey has become known locally as the Ramsey Million. The national programme is managed by Local Trust on behalf of the Big Lottery Fund.

The involvement of local people living in the Ramsey Parish area is an essential part of Big Local’s work. The decisions about allocating funds are made by a partnership of residents based on the findings of extensive consultation with local people.  Other non-voting members sit on the partnership and include advisors, staff and our Local Trust Rep.

The Ramsey Million Big Local Vision

In 2012 Ramsey Million Partnership created a vision of what they would like to have achieved over the 10 year project.

The partnership allocates funds to projects that meet the aims of our four main themes –Families & Young Children’, ‘Business, Heritage & Tourism’, ‘Transport & Access’ and ‘Young People– and commission a locally trusted organisation to manage them. Currently Ramsey Neighbourhoods Trust is the locally trusted organisation for Ramsey Million Big Local. The ten-year spending programme started with our first Community Plan in 2013. We are now working to our third plan.  

All plans are available to view or download below:

Ramsey Million Big Local…

  • Has used community grants to support and develop existing community organisations and bring new groups to the parish.
  • Started BOSH holiday play scheme/youth club, CRUNCH youth club/activities and Toddler Time soft play sessions.
  • Is continuing to work with developers and planners to secure a site for a skatepark.
  • Has worked with Ramsey Neighbourhoods Trust to bring over £600,000 of additional funding for community projects into the parish.
  • Instigated the CREATE-Fest community music festivals and supported other large community events.
  • Is working in partnership with Ramsey Cricket Club and Ramsey Neighbourhoods Trust to develop ‘The Pavilion’ sporting community hub.
  • Continues to lobby, in partnership with town, district and county councillors, local groups and residents, for the maintenance of bus services (see Transport & Access).
  • Funded the ‘Discover Ramsey’ project which led to the formation of ‘Ramsey Heritage Partnership’ (see Business Heritage and Tourism).

In addition, over the last few years, residents have told us that the town has a better atmosphere, better community spirit and the community are coming together more.

Ramsey is improving,
“It feels like a different town”.

You can read more, and see short videos about our journey by visiting: http://www.ourbiggerstory.com/
Or see more at: https://localtrust.org.uk/big-local/


Ramsey Million Partnership,
Neighbourhood Office,
25 Great Whyte,
PE26 1HG

Email: anna@ramseyneighbourhoodstrust.org
Phone: 01487 814897 or 07548 048471
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